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   Kimi Kent is a story weaving singer song-writer rooted in the deep heart of Texas.  Kent sets herself apart as a singer-songwriter characterized by her ability to blend her classically-trained guitar prowess and road-inspired stories together to create a good old soulful vibe. 

   Growing up she was surrounded by musicians 

young and old.  Including talented writers, players,

and singers from the likes of rock and roll, blues,

southern rock, and folk genres.  At a young age

she began being taught by Grammy nominated and

Country Music hit writing mentors, and after a

period of over 5 years she began to dive deeper in

to finding her own music’s distinct sound and true

roots.  Kimi uprooted her life in 2009 and went to

Tyler, Texas, where she trained intensively with

renowned vocalist teachers and later Grammy- Nominated Artist back in Houston, Texas.  After working on projects with a number of talented producers and hitting a wall of what she envisioned her sound to be and how to show that in her music, Kent connected with current producer Philip Aaron Creamer, lead singer of Dovetail, whom she met when they were both performing in The Woodlands.  Their sound instantly jelled brilliantly, and within a year Kimi and Philip recorded and released Wayward Child on April 11, 2014.

   The EP is praise to Kent’s life endeavors thus far with tracks of love, heartbreak and life lessons all beautifully produced by Philip Aaron Creamer.   Already with placements of the EP in indie film “Human People” and great buzz worthy reviews, Kent and all surrounded in the project are ecstatic at the support around the record thus far and cannot wait to continue back into studio for the recording of the full album in early 2015.

   Following the release of Wayward Child the EP, Kimi Kent will be on the road much of summer and fall 2014 till she returns back to studio beginning the recording of the full length record.   Be a part of the whole journey, sign up for her newsletter and follow her on Twitter and Facebook-KimiKentMusic .

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